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Reviews & Testimonials

The reviews below are not here to brag or boast in a mere man's abilities, but to attempt to shine a light on just how wonderfully God's gifts can be used to touch the lives of others. Be a light!

Dawn Light is as amazing as Zachary’s first album. This particular set of songs is warm and calming, just like the light of dawn. :) I could close my eyes and listen all day...


I was searching for a beautiful soundtrack for my days- you know, something to play in the background to make your home feel happy and peaceful- this album is it. Found Zachary Bruno on noisetrade, and then was so happy to find his full album here.


I downloaded my advance purchase of dawn light but had not listened to it as I had to have some tests run at the hospital today. To make a long story short, the lady running the bone scan asked if I would like to listen to some music on Pandora while I was "on the table". I told her to look for you and we quickly had lovely music. I enjoyed my time there more, and I think you may have another listener. She said she really enjoyed it.

Thanks again for sharing your wonderful music.


Got your album in the mail yesterday. It's awesome!! Music that speaks to the soul. :-) Keep up the good work, sir! You have a gift.

Hannah M.

Hey man, just wanted to thank you for putting the album up on spotify. It's such great study music! Just enough pep and inspiration, without being distracting!

John E.

Zachary is an inspiration to me, and to many of us in this genre of piano music... "Before the Rain" is his first recording, and one of the best debut disks I've listened to if I'm to be frank about it... The album is an incredible feat for a first time recording, and I very much look forward to watching this young man blossom and seize all that he's capable of.

Donovan Johnson Pianist & Composer

Your songs are so soothing that they literally heal both body and soul. I played your album on YouTube a couple of nights ago when I was feeling very sick, and your music actually helped me to get a good night's sleep having it playing in a loop all night and into the morning. Keep being a blessing.

Hadasah M.

Just bought your album off iTunes. It'll help me through finals. Thanks for putting your stuff out there.

Jordan T.

I listen to your music while I do my algebra homework! It keeps me calm and focused! :)

Dani H.

My mom is in the hospital with what is called Guillian Barre. She can not walk or really anything. We have been here for a week. I just wanted you to know that we have been playing your cd day and night and it is SO peaceful! Even some of the nurses have commented on how beautiful it is! Thank you for sharing your gift with us as we are in a time of healing! You are a blessing.

Amy H.

You are one of my top 3 favs for winding down and relaxing music. I deal with chronic pain constantly, and your music is very soothing, especially when it comforts me in the night when I can't sleep, quieting my spirit so I can hear The Father's Voice better as He comforts me. Bless your heart, Zach, and keep being a blessing.

Hadasah N.

I can't believe the emotion you portray in instrumental music. I am blown away!

Gideon K.

My wife heard your interview on Hebrew Nation Radio. She knows I like George Winston, thought your music might interest me. I looked up your website, only listened to three of your songs...that's all it took to get hooked and order your cd. I have to tell you Zachary that The Father reveals his beauty in the most unsuspecting places. His beauty and wonder, rhythm and melody are embraced so warmly through your music. Thank you that you share your gift to a world becoming increasingly in need of the Father's calming, healing touch. May The Father's thoughts and the meditations of your heart be reflected in the music that dances through your fingers. Shalom.

Mike H.

Warm, confident, and very expressive, this is amazing music and an extraordinary beginning to a very promising career in music. I give “Before the Rain” my HIGHEST recommendation… Look out world, here comes Zachary Bruno!

Kathy Parsons

I listen to this album almost everyday! It is lovely and I love the songs... so soothing and calming! I would really recommend this :) .. Can't wait for zachary to come out with another album :) ... This is indeed a blessing!


Bruno's debut release, a collection of self penned solo piano music, is a winner. This young man is beyond talented and has put together one of the most refreshing new pieces of music I have heard this year. I reviewed Before The Rain for KXCI 91.3 FM in Tucson and was taken back by it. Every song on the CD is a winner. Refreshing and soothing. It will put you in a mood "to enjoy life". Every time I play one of his songs on my show, I always get a call asking "who is that artist"? A Scottsdale native, Bruno performs locally, but will no doubt see some "road trips" as a result of his new CD. Just excellent.

Gregory Sweet 91.3 FM KXCI

Hi Zachary, I downloaded you'd album the other day. I'm really enjoying it. You have such a great sense of movement in a lot of your pieces and great depth of emotion that comes through on others. My favorite piece is Faith Remembers. I play it over and over and over! Congratulations on a beautiful cd.

Rhonda M. Pianist & Composer

I really love this music ... it captures the feeling of being out in nature, gazing at the sky or the trees or the mountains, and letting peace wash over you. It's soothing, but it's even more than that ... I've had it soothe my troubled feelings, and it's like it inspires me to get up and venture on. This young composer has a gift and I look forward to more of his work!


This is really beautiful piano music. It's extremely well done for a first album. The music is soothing and laid back. Very nice to listen to. The compositions are fresh and bright and the performance is crisp and technically sound. I hope this is only the beginning of many more CDs. Nicely done!

Cindy H.

The experience and joy and feeling of complete happiness as you listen to this music will stay with you for a very long time. Amazing music, touching music and extremely talented composer.

Lauren H.

This is an amazing album done by an amazing artist!! It's so full of life, you can almost see the picture that Zachary paints with the keys of a piano. That's the first thing I have to say about. The second is that this is the kind of music that I can listen to over and over again. Third and final thing is... BUY THIS ALBUM!!!

Zachary Bruno really reaches into the heart with his music. Soul-moving compositions!

Leah B. Pianist

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Willy Bridge Industry Expert

Hello Zachary, like Matthew I have listened and am more than impressed. Your music is food for the soul and already has placed shalom in my troubled times. Keep on producing those lovely sounds Zach!

Lorraine T.

Hey Zach! Just wanted to tell you that I listened to some of your music today and I am quite impressed. I really like "Before the rain." Thanks for sharing your music =)

Matthew D.


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