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Dawn Light

2015 Album of the Year Winner (Whisperings Solo Piano Radio)

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Gregory Sweet, 91.3 FM KXCI

"Refreshing and soothing"

Bruno's debut release, a collection of self penned solo piano music, is a winner. This young man is beyond talented and has put together one of the most refreshing new pieces of music I have heard this year. I reviewed Before The Rain for KXCI 91.3 FM in Tucson and was taken back by it. Every song on the CD is a winner. Refreshing and soothing. It will put you in a mood "to enjoy life". Every time I play one of his songs on my show, I always get a call asking "who is that artist"? A Scottsdale native, Bruno performs locally, but will no doubt see some "road trips" as a result of his new CD. Just excellent.

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An ever-evolving style

Reminiscent of George Winston and inspired by the likes of Hans ZImmer, Bruno aims to captures the beauty of life through music that touches the soul.

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